ITP365 is a managed service based on Microsoft cloud services and best practices.

Our unique Technology Alignment Process (TAP) is the pathway to defining IT productivity for your organization.

Determine your risk tolerance and ideal security posture based on the triple constraints of the True Cost of IT.

With Microsoft Business Voice, you can call, chat, video conference, and collaborate in a single app.

IT isn't just an expense, it's a platform for success.

Business leaders must take steps to align technology investments to meet their organization’s unique needs or suffer the costs of the consequences.  

During this process, we uncover if you’re currently paying productivity penalties or exposed to excessive riskThe first step is defining your unique business context including goals, Essential Functions (EF), IT needs to support, compliance requirements, and budget. 

Arthur Nielsen said, “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” The point is elegantly made – it’s not a question of whether you can afford to invest it’s a question of whether you can afford not to. 

We believe the price of IT done right is less than the cost and consequences of underinvesting.