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Technology Alignment Process

Determining What IT Productivity Looks Like For You

IT Productivity’s unique Technology Alignment Process (TAP) is the pathway to defining IT productivity for your organization. TAP begins with a standards-based assessment of your environment and security. This assessment uses known frameworks, such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and Zero Trust.  

The outcome is a comprehensive overview of your IT posture, revealing where things are properly aligned and where risks are. This assessment provides business leaders with a clear, executive view of the current state of the environment.  

This repeatable process helps you make informed decisions from a known posture and provides you with a roadmap to prioritize your needs. By establishing a solid foundation, we can work together on building a clear roadmap forward. 

Achieve your Unique Business Goals with a Structured, Repeatable Process 

Optimizing your IT to support ongoing success is not a one-time event, it’s a process that continues to create compounding returns over time. Our repeatable, clearly defined process includes reviewing your IT environment against standards to reveal, in a rated way, where you align and are misaligned.

The assessment is based on the context of your business goals and priorities and any applicable regulatory compliance requirements. The result is reduced complexity and cost, while keeping productivity up and decreasing risk. Stay aligned into the future and keep up with changes by engaging in quarterly reviews with IT Productivity to reaffirm strategy alignment. 

Much like, ‘success’ itself, there isn’t one single definition of ‘technology success.’ It must be based on each organization’s unique goals and constraints.

IT Aligned with Your Organization Based on Frameworks & Regulations

IT Productivity’s Technology Alignment Process begins with an assessment using known frameworks, such as NIST CSF, CMMC, 800-171, as well as any relevant regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. 

The assessment asks specific ‘yes or no’ questions to compile a comprehensive view of your entire environment to see where things are properly aligned and reveal gaps and risks. Next, we make recommendations to proactively fill in gaps for consistent, predictable results. 

Tools to Empower Informed Decision Making

You’re empowered to make decisions on technology expenditures that are fully informed by an understanding of your business priorities, compliance requirements, and resource constraints. From there, we recommend investment decisions based on the triple constraints of the True Cost of IT triangle, which determine the levels of productivity and risk posture. 

It’s important to understand your organization’s unique productivity needs as well as tolerance for risk. Your organization can achieve the risk posture and productivity that best suits your needs with IT Productivity’s investment recommendations. 

Strategic Roadmap for Ongoing Growth and Support

You’ll be equipped with a strategic roadmap offering clarity on why investments are made now, and others are deferred as a deliverable of our Technology Alignment Process. Planning for future investments ensures that anything not immediately addressed is placed on a roadmap rather than being lost or forgotten. This functional tool explains all vulnerabilities and recommended initiatives. You can decide which actions to take by selecting accept, reject, or put on hold, as well as selecting in which quarter to implement or revisit.

Roadmap to Technology Success in Plain English 

Executives can make informed decisions and drive the generation of a clear roadmap forward through the disciplined approach of IT Productivity’s Technology Alignment Process.

You’ll be provided with a planning tool showing all expenses and how they roll up to each quarter, along with rates of risk. Additionally, IT Productivity’s clients receive a dashboard that executives and financial pros can understand. The report lists an “overall alignment score” for each category, aligned, marginal, or vulnerable. In addition to color-coded scores, bomb icons indicate vulnerabilities. It’s also exportable to a pivot table to support budgeting. 

Stay Aligned with an Ongoing Rhythm of Accountability and Adjustments

As your business continues to grow and innovate, your IT approach must realign to meet your needs, making a regular alignment rhythm important. IT Productivity stays engaged on a quarterly basis to continue assisting with strategy alignment. Reaffirm strategy alignment and ensure roadmap progress with an engaged IT partner.